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About Us

Girl wearing whiteSpecial Sisters Inc. is an all female non-profit organization that utilizes fellowship and is focused on providing awareness, assistance and solutions to domestic violence victims.

We seek ways to provide more effective interventions and programs that focus on preventive measures thus protecting women and children who are caught in difficult familial situations involving physical and/or emotional abuse. Our organization advocates in behalf of female victims and minors. We want to end the violence in family relations or households at risk.

Domestic Violence is a social problem and it needs to be addressed. Often, victims have no voice to speak out or are prevented from speaking out. This is why Special Sisters Inc. reaches out to them, giving them a way out of their difficult situation.

If you know someone who is struggling with domestic violence, tell them about our group. We can help. Send us a message today.


We are looking for volunteers to mobilize our projects and programs.

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